COVID Restrictions Update

COVID Restrictions Update

Currently, the leadership of the church has placed us in Phase 1.25 of our reopening procedures. Until further notice, UUMC will be taking the following steps to ensure the safety and well being of all those in and around our community. 
Worship Services

  • All Sunday morning in-person worship services will remain outside as long as weather permits and no more than 100 people will be allowed at any one service. Should weather be an issue, services will be canceled. 
  • The Wednesday Noon service inside the Sanctuary will continue for recording purposes. Those who absolutely cannot attend the outdoor or online services should attend this service.
  • Online service will continue as planned on YouTube & the church website. 

Weekday Office Hours, Small Groups, & Committee Meetings

  • Only essential personnel (i.e. essential staff/volunteers, trustees, money counters, worship recording participants) allowed inside the building.
  • All weekday church/office business should be handled remotely as much as possible. If you have a need from the church please call or e-mail the office first to see if your business can be handled remotely. Any business not able to be handled remotely will be directed to remain outside while conducting your business.
  • All small groups, Sunday school classes, and committees must meet remotely or opt to take a break.  
  • No meetings/gatherings allowed on church property either inside or outside.
  • Check with your group/committee leader to see whether they plan to meet remotely or if they will be taking a break for now.

Ministry & Mission Groups

  • No in-person services or programs other than essential services (i.e. food pantry & Bright Beginnings Learning Center)
  • Groups are encouraged to continue to meet remotely. Please notify the church if your group needs assistance making these arrangements
  • Check with your ministry/mission leader to see whether they plan to meet remotely or if they will be taking a break for now.

Travel Reminder!!!
If you leave the state of NM or have visitors from out of state, there is still a 14 day required quarantine period for you and your visitors. We ask that you do not plan to bring out of state visitors to any worship services and that you do not attend services or visit the church until 14 days after your visitors leave and you have completed your 14 day quarantine.


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