UUMC Updates 03-16-2020

UUMC Updates 03-16-2020

Greetings UUMC Family & Friends

Here are your updates from your family at University UMC for Moday, March 16th 2020

From the desk of Pastor Heike

During times of crisis is when God’s people are at their best. While we pray for the people affected by this virus, we also pray for all people suffering, hurting, and in need. Our church is not limited to a geographic location and as we close down our building to some gatherings for a limited time the church’s mission is not closing. We are continuing to be in ministry and will be exploring new venues as we go.
Be bold and courageous during this time. Take good care of yourself, but don’t isolate yourself. Make sure your neighbor does not isolate themselves either. Stay informed as much as needed, but stay away from panic educing social media. 
God is working on his kingdom where there will be no more suffering and sickness, growing prayer ministries, and better connections to each other. All this will leave the church in a stronger position after the virus passes. God’s people will experience God’s abundant care and faithfulness.

Updates from the Church Office

As of Monday, March 16th the church office is operating during normal office hours. However, we are operating with limited building access for the health and safety of both our staff and our church family.  If you need to speak with someone from the office please call first and we will see if your need can be handled remotely. If you need access to the building, please call first to make sure the building is available for that purpose. 

All small groups, committee meetings, and other ministries/missions are welcome to continue at the discretion of their leaders who will make arrangements for how to carry on with their work going forward. We do ask that any group that does decide to meet at the church makes sure they take extra precaution to sanitize the space that they meet in before and after your meeting. Sanitizing supplies are available in every meeting room. 

We appreciate your grace at this time as we all learn to be the hands and feet of Christ in a different way. 

Kate Lewis
Church Administrator
(575) 522-8220

Small Group Cancellations

As of today, these are the groups that have cancelled their meetings for this week. We encourage everyone to check in with your group members and leaders to find out if alternate arrangements have been made (video conference, phone conference, etc.)

  • All Grief Groups
  • All Al-Anon Support Groups
  • AA Group
  • Cancer Care Group
  • Mary Martha Circle
  • Priscilla Circle
  • Susanna Wesley Circle
  • Cross Connections Bible Study (Thursday evening)

Stay up to date!

We want our UUMC family and friends to be aware that we are monitoring the development of the COVID-19 virus epidemic. To make sure you have the most up-to-date information on service changes, cancellations, and more it is recommended you subscribe to the UUMC e-newsletter, follow us on facebook, and check the UUMC website regularly.
Also, as part of our efforts to make sure everyone has the opportunity to be connected and informed we have initiated church wide texting. If you would like to receive text message updates you can text “uumc” to 84576 to sign up!