UUMC Updates 03-24-20

UUMC Updates 03-24-20

Greetings UUMC Family & Friends
Here are your updates from your family at University UMC for Tuesday, March 24th, 2020

Drive-Thru Postponed

Due to the most recent Pubic health order, we have decided to postpone the start of our new Drive-thru office hours. We are doing our best to stay in connection with you, our church family, in as many ways as possible at this time. We look forward to being in mission and ministry with you in other ways.

Updates from the Church Office

In keeping with the most recent public health order, the church office is currently closed to the public until further notice. There will be a staff member at the church between 9am-3pm to answer phone calls, receive mail/packages, and just have some sort of presence so that the church building is not completely vacant and therefore a target for vandalism. Of course, any of our staff that does not feel comfortable leaving their home right now has been allowed to opt out of these shifts and work remotely from home.

We have also made arrangements to have a “minister on call” line for anyone who needs a prayer or an ear to listen for a short while. Anyone can call the main church line (575-522-8220) between 9am -8pm and either ask to be transferred to the minister on call or select option 1. Pastor Heike, her husband Pastor George, several staff, and some local retired pastors have all volunteered to be on call throughout the week.

We still have our Congregational Care Hotline available for congregational care emergencies (hospitalizations, prayer requests, etc.). Just call (575) 640-9907.

We pray that you all continue to stay safe and connected during these trying times and know that your church family is still here and working for this, God’s church.

Worship Services

As of last friday, March 20th the leadership of UUMC has decided to cancel all in-person worship services and move to online worship services only until further notice.
Last week’s live-stream was not perfect, but we are so thankful for all those that choose to participate with us. We have since heard that due to so many people participating in online church services around the world, many of the live-streaming platforms (i.e Facebook Live, Youtube Live, Vimeo, etc) were overrun with traffic and therefore many live-streams were interrupted or unable to be streamed. What a glorious problem to have.

For that reason, we have decided that for this week’s online worship service we will instead post a pre-recorded service. We hope this way we will be able to offer you the best quality online experience. Please keep your eyes and ears open for updates later this week as to when and where this service will be posted!

E-bulletins will be sent out Sunday mornings by 8am for anyone that is wanting to keep up with your routine of worshiping on Sunday mornings at 8:30am, 9:45am, or 11am.

*For anyone who is unable to receive an E-bulletin, we will have hard copies printed and available in the pick-up box in front of the Prayer Labyrinth by Friday at 12pm.

Spiritual Nourishment

There was an overwhelming response to last Sunday’s Journey live devotional time with Brian Townsend. As we traverse this new landscape we hope to start doing more online devotionals like that more often to keep everyone’s spiritual health at its best.
That is why tomorrow at 5:30pm MST Brian will be offering another live devotional on the Journey Facebook page and it will be posted to the church website the next morning.
Make sure you follow us on on Facebook and check the UUMC website regularly for more spiritual nourishment and updates.

Your UUMC Staff Hard at Work

We may not all be able to be together and working how we normally do, but that will not stop us from continuing to be in ministry and mission with one another. The staff at UUMC is working hard to make sure that the ministries and missions of UUMC continue to thrive even in times like these. From Monday morning video conference calls, to extra workplace precautions, and new remote office co-workers we want you to know UUMC is still alive and serving the community.

Stewardship in Trying Times

During hard times like now we know everyone is looking for things to do, to donate, to give. But sometimes the best thing you can do for your local church and other nonprofits is just financially support them so they can continue to financially support the ones who are working hard to provide the services that our communities need the most right now.
Your gifts of tithe and offering go to help provide things like…

  • food supplies for our food pantry
  • salaries for our church staff (who are not eligible for unemployment benefits)
  • utilities to keep Bright Beginnings Learning Center open to those families who need it most (Emergency responders, healthcare professionals, food service workers, etc.)
  • Equipment necessary to keep our church community in connection even when we may be physically distant.

These are just a couple of reasons why this, your church, needs your continued support now more than ever.
To give to the mission of UUMC you can go online to uumc-lc.org/give and set up recurring giving through our secure online giving site. You can also donate online via our Facebook page. We will have staff checking in at the church throughout the week, so if you are not comfortable with online giving you can always mail your offering to the church,
2000 S. Locust St. Las Cruces, NM 88001
We also hope to have a secured drive up drop box set up within the next week or so for anyone who would prefer to drop off their donation (check back for updates on that).


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