GLUE Ministry

GLUE Ministry

 “God Loves Us, Everyone!”

GLUE Ministry was founded by Pastor Nema LeCuyer  during her time as Associate Minister at University UMC in the summer of 2013. This ministry is directed toward providing religious support services, such as prayer, worship, and communion, to the incarcerated youth of New Mexico.

The GLUE Crew of University UMC aides in this ministry by providing resources, prayer, and support for the individuals who venture into our jails and bring the word, the body, and the blood of Christ to those incarcerated youth.

The “Inside” team is a group of volunteers that go into the detention center and directly minister to the youth through visitation, Bible study, and serving Holy Communion.  If you are interested in joining the “inside” team please contact the front office and they will get your information sent to our inside coordinators.

The “Outside” team meets the 1st Wednesday of the month to discuss what is happening at the Center and how they can help. If you are interested in joining the “outside” support team, contact Jackie Beaty;